NORLANYA Replace Cartridge for IPL System Stylight, Lamps for IPL Skin Rejuvenation, Pack of 2

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Product Description:Stylight IPL system is the latest intense pulsed light system for home hair removal & skin rejuvenation treatment. It standard contains 2 cartridges: HR (Hair Remove) and SR (Skin Rejuvenation). HR cartridge provide 20,000 shots life time and SR provides 30,000 shots life time. HR lamp comes with 2 pulses per shot and SR lamp comes with 5 pulses per shot. There are 10 energy levels for Stylight which uses soft-touch control system instead of button control. It is a beautiful household IPL Laser hair removal and skin care system.

This cartridge is for IPL Stylight from NORLANYA only (IPL Stylight: ie=UTF8&qid=1421810122&sr=8-1&keywords=B00LM0NNQK&pebp=1421810116728&peasin=B00LM0NNQK). It does not suitable for other brand IPL system.

One Package contains 2 pieces of lamps. "2*HR" means 2 pieces of Hair Remove lamps; "2*SR" means 2 pieces of Skin Rejuvenation lamps; "HR+SR" means 1 piece of Hair Remove lamp and 1 piece of Skin Rejuvenation lamp. PLEASE CHOOSE IT CAREFULLY BEFORE ORDER CONFIRMATION.
Product Features:
  • Long lifetime warranty for each lamp of Stylight - 20,000 shots for HR lamp & 30,000 shots for SR lamp
  • HR (Hair Remove): 2 pulses per shot. SR (Skin Rejuvenation): 5 pulses per shot
  • Large treatment size - Stylight provides 7cm2 spot size - FAST hair removal for one leg takes 15 minutes only
  • Wavelength: 650-1100nm (HR); 530-1100nm(SR)
  • Lamp: Xenon Lamp
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Length3.15 in8.00 cm
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