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Description The Kleen-Screen features easy installation. It comes as a kit that is custom fitted to your condenser unit as you install it with only heavy duty scissors or shears. Protect your air conditioner from pet hair, grass clippings, leaves, cottonwood seed blossoms and more. By installing a Kleen Screen you can minimize or even eliminate the need to have a serviceman come out and wash off your condenser and have to clean it. The Kleen Screen is easy to install, and easy to clean, simply remove the magnetic strip that holds the screen tightly to your air unit, shake off the residue or rinse the screen, then replace on the condenser unit. The standard circumference is 120 inches but we can custom build units for you as well. The Kleen Screen is 39 inches tall to cover your air conditioner unit. The Kleen Screen A/C Coil Filter Kit has been tested and does not restrict airflow to the condenser unit. Having a clean air condenser saves on your electric bill and allows the unit to cool more effectively and efficiently as well. Order and install a Kleen Screen today for a cooler more energy efficient home. The Kleen-Screen a/c coil filter system will prevent over 95% of airborne debris from getting into your condenser coils. When coils become clogged, the air flow is restricted, reducing cooling efficiency, increasing wear, and requiring up to 30% more electricity to cool your home! Kleen-Screen protects your condenser, stopping airborne fibers before they can get trapped and impacted in your coils. It pays for itself through energy savings, reduced wear on your system, and easy maintenance. The Kleen-Screen filter mesh surface is anti-stick for quick and easy cleaning. Airborne debris that are collected by the Kleen-Screen are easily removed with a soft brush or broom. Kleen-Screen Kit Contents: 1. Magnetic Tracks (2) 2. 39" x 120" Mesh Filter Screen (1 roll) 3. 39" Snap-On Cover Tracks (2) 4. 60" Nylon Security Straps w/Clips (2)
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  • - Easy Magnetic Mounting
  • - Clean Coils Save Energy
  • - Protects Your Investment
  • - Prevents Clogged Coils
  • - Quick, Easy Cleaning
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Package Dimensions
Package Weight 1.361 kg (3 lb)
Manufacturer Cynergy Kleen Screen
Model 39x120
Brand Kleen Screen
Label Cynergy Kleen Screen
Color Screen
Product Group Home
Publisher Cynergy Kleen Screen
Size 120" x 39"
EAN 0820103741996
UPC 820103741996
PartNumber 39x120